Engine Oil change @ every 2500 kms…a Myth?

I recently came across many posts that stated it is a myth that engine oil of the motorcycle needs a change every 2500 kms as a thumb rule. It should rather be as per company recommendations.

This made me search the owner’s manual of my bike ‘Bajaj Platina 100cc’. To my surprise, I found the Engine Oil change interval recommendation to be 5000 kms!

I used to change the engine oil every 2500 kms regardless of engine sound being soft/harsh and performance just to follow this rule. But this time, I am on experiment to see if this 5000 kms interval really works for my bike…

3050 kms completed till now from the last oil change and the engine is still humming perfectly. No gear shift problems, performance is still up to the mark. I am going to change the oil when it hits 5000 kms mark or I experience any change in engine’s firing or any performance drop, whichever earlier.

Will keep you posted…

Till then, Happy Biking….!!!


One thought on “Engine Oil change @ every 2500 kms…a Myth?

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