NOT a myth!

I apologize for posting after such a loooooong time.

I had recorded my observations though in relation to my previous post. So here are my observations.

  • As the oil that I used was pure mineral engine oil (which has shorter life but acts better for smaller vehicles), it started showing off its colors after 3500 km.
  • After it completed around 3300 km, the NVH (Noise-Vibration-Harshness) levels started increasing exponentially. The rise was easily noticeable.
  • Gear shifts started to get stuck especially while moving to lower gears (4-3-2-1) simultaneously.
  • After 4000 km, the pickup dropped considerably and small climbs in the city required gear shifts to lower ones.

In that sense, it was impossible to carry on with the same engine oil as that would have damaged the engine considerably and would have been irrecoverable (though I personally feel it could have easily stretched till 5000 km at the cost of performance). But as I wanted to protect the engine, I decided to change the engine oil at around 4200 km.

Conclusion: Though not exactly at 2500 km, you at least need to change the oil at 3000 km to keep the engine perfectly humming as per my observation on Bajaj Platina which already completed around 80k km.

PS:Β The observations are only for mineral oil. I haven’t checked with semi-synthetic engine oil. I have purchased new bike, Bajaj Avenger Cruise (220 cc) and using fully synthetic engine oil for the same.

I will keep sharing my experiences and any tips that I learn to enhance biking experience. Feel free to suggest anything in the comments…



Engine Oil change @ every 2500 kms…a Myth?

I recently came across many posts that stated it is a myth that engine oil of the motorcycle needs a change every 2500 kms as a thumb rule. It should rather be as per company recommendations.

This made me search the owner’s manual of my bike ‘Bajaj Platina 100cc’. To my surprise, I found the Engine Oil change interval recommendation to be 5000 kms!

I used to change the engine oil every 2500 kms regardless of engine sound being soft/harsh and performance just to follow this rule. But this time, I am on experiment to see if this 5000 kms interval really works for my bike…

3050 kms completed till now from the last oil change and the engine is still humming perfectly. No gear shift problems, performance is still up to the mark. I am going to change the oil when it hits 5000 kms mark or I experience any change in engine’s firing or any performance drop, whichever earlier.

Will keep you posted…

Till then, Happy Biking….!!!

Love your bike and it will love you back

I was little hesitant when we (me and my father) went to book a Bajaj Platina, a 100 CC bike in 2006. It was a gift from my father to me on completing engineering course πŸ™‚

This was the era when CBZ and Pulsar were zooming on the Indian roads. There was a latent desire somewhere in my mind to have such bike. My Dad was not in favor of getting a powerful bike (firstly due to safety and secondly it was needless to spend such a huge amount only on bike in those days).

Finally, with mixed emotions, we bought a Bajaj Platina for me.

It is only after riding it I realize how correct he was in his decision. The bike was beautifully sculpted and also had reasonable power and pickup. But the best part that I liked was its superb mileage. We started getting 70-77 kmpl after second servicing. Overwhelmed with this, I developed a hobby to get maximum mileage from my bike for which I tried numerous ways. Till date, I was able to extract 90.58 kmpl as maximum mileage from it.

Curious??? Here is what I do to achieve this.

  1. Keep bike’s chain clean and well lubricated (lubricate it after every 15 days)
  2. Keep optimum air pressure in tyres.
  3. Strictly drive at speeds less than 55 kmph.
  4. Use proper gears (1st gear: 0-10, 2nd gear: 10-20, 3rd gear: 20-30, 4th gear: 30+)
  5. Use clutch to minimum i.e., only during gear shift. I usually change to Neutral when I know I am going to stop. Exceptions: Emergency breaking.
  6. Try to use breaks as less as possible. I know it is difficult to follow in cities but if you are on proper gear and speed, you can easily anticipate and adjust your speed to avoid breaking. (Do not dash somebody and say Abhijit told not to use breaks while driving πŸ™‚ )
  7. Shut off engine at signals or any stoppages when you are going to stop for more than 10 seconds. New generation bikes take only 3 seconds worth of Petrol to start. Hence, if you keep your engine running for any time more than 3 seconds is wastage. Mind it, it’s worth and every second is important.
  8. Keep idle running speed of engine to minimum (just to keep it running).
  9. Use good quality oil (Castrol/Motul/Shell/Mobil). I change it by myself after every 2500 km instead of leaving it to mechanic as some of them fill used or cheap quality oils.
  10. Service your vehicle i.e., change air filter, oil filter, clean carburettor and lubricate after every 5000 km. This can be left to mechanic.
  11. Most important, tune your carburettor for optimum fuel efficiency. Check following link for this:

It is necessary that you do point #11 by yourself (though you may not succeed the first time but you will eventually get the perfect combination). Do not leave it to a local mechanic as they won’t do it with passion (my mileage dropped to 60 after getting it done from a local mechanic which I had to rectify again).

Of course, being a human, I can’t follow all of them every time (otherwise would have got 100+ mileage πŸ™‚ ) but try to follow most of the points for most of the time.

Finally, it’s you the reader who will add to my knowledge. So comments are welcome!!!

Enjoy Biking…